Localization of Certification Training in country

January 1, 2019 – April 30, 2020IPodgorica, Montenegro

Localization is a process of setting the ground in selected country to locally run certification training program for public sector accountants with government resources and local capacity. It requires the support of the Ministry of Finance to ensure the sustainability of the training program.

Localization process is crucial activity in the ongoing certification training project which is being delivered for the third generation of public sector accountants in Montenegro since September 2018 and will end in April 2020. The process started in 2016, when certification training for the first generation of public accountants in Montenegro was launched. The ultimate aim of localization is efficient hand-over of the certification program and know-how to a local institution, which will run the training in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance.

The localization working group, appointed by the Minister of Finance, consists of representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Human Resources Management Authority of Montenegro, experts in accounting profession (University professors) and the CEF. Members of the working group will regularly meet in 2019 to suggest solutions and prepare proposals for:

  • national recognition of graduates of certification training
  • changes in legislation and bylaws to introduce certification training model compulsory for all public accountants
  • positioning of the certified accountants within the civil servants system
  • the concept of individually running the training program

Important preconditions of full localization are to have a group of experts able to teach certification training syllabus in local language and local capacity trained to deliver such training program. 


This learning initiative is financially supported by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, and the Slovene Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Slovenia's International Development Cooperation. The Ministry of Finance of Montenegro and the CEF will provide in-kind support to the project.

Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs Slovenia Slovenia's Development Cooperation