Green ambassadors

March 8, 2016 by Cvetka Mozoli

Looking out of the window, I see snow… And I wish spring would already be here. I see trees with no leaves, grass covered with white flakes. Still, I find it beautiful.

The city where our organization is located is beautiful. Even its name in Slovene means “the beloved one”. Our Ljubljana – the political, administrative, cultural and economic center of Slovenia – surprises us all the time. So many changes have happened here in the recent years, which is also one of the reasons Ljubljana was elected European Green Capital 2016. Slovenia’s small capital being the chosen one shows that cities of a modest size have lessons to offer and can make an amazing amount of changes happen in a short period of time. See for yourself:

Our organization is also making a staggering amount of changes happening, and we know that small steps can lead to major changes.



Over the past years we have proved that:

  • The CEF is responsible, so we pledge that, wherever possible, we will drink tap water.
  • We grow and nourish ideas, and love growth opportunities and for that reason we pledge that we will make our own garden/home balcony.
  • Our team comprises so many different ingredients (personalities, strengths, skills and responsibilities) that we pledge to cook one of the dishes from the Tastes of Ljubljana recipe book, which will include mainly local ingredients.
  • We share – be it knowledge, positive energy, experience, old computers or furniture. So we pledge that we will adopt a philosophy of reuse and ensure that things we no longer need are given a new life.
  • A small organization can come a long way and is flexible like a bike compared to a car, so we pledge that this year our employees will ride their own bike or a bike from the BicikeLJ system on at least three separate occasions.
  • Energy should be used intelligently, whether it is personal or electrical energy. For this reason we pledge that we will use energy wisely.


A number of green activities and projects that we have had in the past and have planned for the future is another proof of our commitment to continuous improvement.

We can increase the quality of life in a very short time with a good team.

And we are a good team!


About Cvetka Mozoli

Cvetka believes that we learn every day in every way if we just keep an open mind… We usually live by force of habits, attitudes, prejudices and biases which is limiting our learning opportunities. People should be curious, curiosity generates interest in learning, fuels invention and discovery… we should not take what little we know as knowing it all…