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We achieve significant results by working with a wide range of multilateral partners. Their reach, specialization, and other strengths help us meet our objectives for capacity development in member countries. In turn, they gain from our extensive knowledge of the region's training needs …
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Why Tax Administration Reform

This webinar brought together tax officials to discuss essential preconditions for the reform of tax administration looking in particular into ways of rationalizing organizational and management structures, and re-engineering of core tax administration business processes. It also included a presentation of the Tax administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool (TADAT) which has been designed to provide an objective assessment of the health of key components of a country’s system of tax administration.

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Watch the video: Brendan McCarron on Organizational Change.


  • Finding Treasures in People

    March 21, 2017 by Sanja Pregl

    Each of us is much more than what we show to the world. Our knowledge, thoughts and ideas often stay in our mind. We do not share everything with other people but sometimes it would be great to reveal more of ourselves to the world. I am connected to the CEF through my work at the Bank of Slovenia as a training manager and CEF coordinator. My first thoughts on the topic of this blog were very aligned…

  • The importance of understanding of how people learn and how we apply this to our practice

    March 7, 2017 by Gašper Pleško

    When thinking of my own school days, one of the first things that comes to mind is the different ways people were learning and how my peers’ performance varied. Some were able to perform excellently, other less so, and some not at all. Was that due to the skill-focused schooling system, tailored to meet the needs of the average and prefixed on consistently rectifying mistakes, or were there any other…