Our governance structure consists of the Governing Board, Advisory Board, Coordinators and Secretariat. The governance bodies have distinct and complementary goals and responsibilities. We believe close cooperation with stakeholders is important for delivery of high quality capacity development program.

Governing Board

Governing Board is a decision making body of the CEF. It confirms the CEF annual report and financial statements, reviews the progress made and other relevant issues. Members of the Board comprise ministers of finance and governors of central banks from the CEF members (Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania and Slovenia). Members of the Board are also 3 representatives of the CEF’s donors. Observers of the Board are ministers of finance and governors of central banks from the countries that signed or were invited to accede but have not yet ratified the Agreement. The Board is currently chaired by Dimitar Bogov, Governor of National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia. The 3rd annual meeting of the CEF Governing Board took place on June 1, 2017.

Members of the CEF Governing Board

Arben Ahmetaj, Minister Ministry of Finance, Albania
Gent Sejko, Governor Bank of Albania
Vladislav Goranov, Minister Ministry of Finance, Bulgaria
Dragan Tevdovski, Minister Ministry of Finance, Macedonia
Dimitar Bogov, Governor National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia
Octavian Armașu, Minister Ministry of Finance, Moldova
Sergiu Cioclea, Governor National Bank of Moldova
Darko Radunović, Minister Ministry of Finance, Montenegro
Radoje Žugić, Governor Central Bank of Montenegro
Ministry of Public Finance, Romania
Mugur Isărescu, Governor National Bank of Romania
Mateja Vraničar Erman, Minister Ministry of Finance, Slovenia
Boštjan Jazbec, Governor Banka Slovenije
Sabina Stadler Repnik, Director-General Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Slovenia
Mickie Schoch, Head of Unit Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands
Xavier Hawia, Technical Cooperation Coordinator National Bank of Belgium

Advisory Board

Advisory Board is an advisory group of experts from our donors and partners. It assists in designing and in coordinating the delivery of activities of the CEF. Up to three representatives of the Advisory Board are members of the Governing Board. The Advisory Board meets annually. The chair of the Advisory Board is Sabina R. Stadler from the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

CEF 2017 Advisory Board Group Photo

Participating institutions at the Advisory Board meeting in 2017

  • Banka Slovenije
  • De Nederlandsche Bank
  • Embassy of Germany to Slovenia
  • European Commission, DG NEAR
  • Expertise France
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
  • International Monetary Fund
  • Joint Vienna Institute
  • Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands
  • National Academy for Finance and Economy, the Netherlands
  • National Bank of Belgium
  • Ministry of Finance, Slovakia
  • Ministry of Finance, Slovenia
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Slovenia
  • The World Bank Group


CEF Coordinators are our constituency's regional representatives responsible for capacity development and are involved in the strategic management of human capital within their respective institutions. As human resources professionals they focus on strategic personnel retention and talent development. The Coordinators meet periodically to discuss our program for the upcoming year. They help us identify the capacity development priorities in the region and set the way forward.

Gelardina Prodani Ministry of Finance, Albania
Gramos Kolasi Bank of Albania
Vlatko Dugandžić Ministry of Finance and Treasury, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sanela Leto Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Galina Tzekova Ministry of Finance, Bulgaria
Stoyan Bozhkov Bulgarian National Bank
Andrea Kocelj Ministry of Finance, Croatia
Orhan Devaja Ministry of Finance, Kosovo
Vjollca Tërbunja Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo
Viktor Mitevski Ministry of Finance, Macedonia
Hristina Lozanoska National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia
Tatiana Onici Ministry of Finance, Moldova
Aliona Străjescu National Bank of Moldova
Aleksandra Marković Ministry of Finance, Montenegro
Ana Šćepanović Central Bank of Montenegro
Emanuel Constantin Ministry of Public Finance, Romania
Mugur Tolici National Bank of Romania
Svetlana Ljubičić Ministry of Finance, Serbia
Bojana Drobnjak National Bank of Serbia
Špela Tomić Ministry of Finance, Slovenia
Sanja Pregl Bank of Slovenia
M. Mesut Ҫubukçuoğlu Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
Yalçın Yüksel Undersecretariat of Treasury, Turkey


The CEF Secretariat comprises CEF director, staff and experts.