Our governance structure consists of the Governing Board, Advisory Board, Coordinators and Secretariat. The governance bodies have distinct and complementary goals and responsibilities. We believe close cooperation with stakeholders is important for delivery of high-quality learning and networking program.

Governing Board

Governing Board is a decision making body of the CEF. It confirms the CEF annual report and financial statements, reviews the progress made and other relevant issues. Members of the Board comprise ministers of finance and governors of central banks from the CEF members (Albania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania and Slovenia). Members of the Board are also 3 representatives of the Advisory Board. The Board is currently chaired by Andrej Šircelj, Minister of Finance of Slovenia.

2021 Handover Ceremony of the CEF Governing Board Chairing from Romania to Slovenia

Members of the CEF Governing Board

Delina Ibrahimaj, Minister Ministry of Finance and Economy, Albania
Gent Sejko, Governor Bank of Albania
Assen Vassilev, Minister Ministry of Finance, Bulgaria
Fatmir Besimi, Minister Ministry of Finance, North Macedonia
Anita Angelovska Bezhoska, Governor National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia
Dumitru Budianschi Ministry of Finance, Moldova
Octavian Armașu, Governor National Bank of Moldova
Milojko Spajić, Minister Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare, Montenegro
Radoje Žugić, Governor Central Bank of Montenegro
Dan Vîlceanu, Minister Ministry of Finance, Romania
Mugur Isărescu, Governor National Bank of Romania
Andrej Šircelj, Minister Ministry of Finance, Slovenia
Boštjan Vasle, Governor Banka Slovenije
Andreja Jerina Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Slovenia
Birger Nerré Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
Martin Polónyi, Director General Ministry of Finance, Slovakia

Advisory Board

Advisory Board is an advisory group of experts from our donors and partners. It assists in designing and in coordinating the delivery of activities of the CEF. Up to three representatives of the Advisory Board are members of the Governing Board. The Advisory Board meets annually. The chair of the Advisory Board is Andreja Jerina from the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Participating institutions at the Advisory Board meeting in 2021:

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
  • Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands
  • National Bank of Belgium
  • Ministry of Finance, Slovakia
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Slovenia
  • Overseas Development Institute (ODI)


CEF Coordinators are our constituency's regional representatives in ministries of finance, tax administrations and central banks responsible for capacity development and are involved in the strategic management of human capital within their respective institutions. As human resources professionals they focus on strategic personnel retention and talent development. The Coordinators meet periodically to discuss our program for the upcoming year. They help us identify the capacity development priorities in the region and set the way forward.

Vasilika Vjero Ministry of Finance and Economy, Albania
Gramoz Kolasi Bank of Albania
Olisa Osmani General Taxation Directorate, Albania
Sehija Mujkanović Ministry of Finance and Treasury, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Almir Salihović Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Denisa Seho Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Amela Kazazić Tax Administration of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sandra Kovacevic Tax Administration of Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Galina Tzekova Ministry of Finance, Bulgaria
Stoyan Bozhkov Bulgarian National Bank
Boryana Yankova-Sharkova National Revenue Agency, Bulgaria
Andrea Kocelj Ministry of Finance, Croatia
Marija Lončar Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration, Croatia
Orhan Devaja Ministry of Finance, Labor and Transfers, Kosovo
Syzana Mahmutaj Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo
Floransa Sahiti Tax Administration of Kosovo
Jordan Trajkovski Ministry of Finance, North Macedonia
Aleksandra Kacarski National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia
Marjan Mihajlovski Public Revenue Office, North Macedonia
Tatiana Onici Ministry of Finance, Moldova
Natalia Zabolotnii National Bank of Moldova
Silvia Caitaz State Tax Service, Moldova
Aleksandra Marković Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare, Montenegro
Ana Šćepanović Central Bank of Montenegro
Lidija Šećković Revenue Administration, Montenegro
Emanuel-Alex Constantin Ministry of Public Finance, Romania
Mugur Tolici National Bank of Romania
Costin Naghi National Agency for Fiscal Administration, Romania
Bojana Drobnjak National Bank of Serbia
Snezana Ilić Tax Administration, Serbia
Sanja Pregl Banka Slovenije
Nataša Marušič Kuhar Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
Taşkın Babaoğlan Presidency of The Republic of Turkey, Presidency of Strategy and Budget
Arzu Hancı Karademirci Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey


The CEF Secretariat comprises CEF director, staff and experts.