We are committed to the principles of transparency and accountability as a means to fostering better development outcomes. We apply high standards of transparency to our funding and publish information on all grants and donations received in our Annual Reports.

As a learning center aiming at accelerating reform processes in public financial management in South East European countries and highlighting the importance of sound public financial management and reporting in developing transparent government accounting practice, in the public interest we believe ourselves first have to serve as a role models.

Revenue from program in
Project Net
Ministry of Finance, Slovenia Program 2018 1,000,000
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Slovenia TIAPS Montenegro 45,053
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Slovenia PACT Montenegro 77,760
World Bank FMLM project 81,515
Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands Tax Administration, PIFC, FMLM 300,532
Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Germany TIAPS Montenegro 60,931
Bank of Slovenia CB workshops 255,497
IMF Workshops 80,964
USAID PACT Montenegro 69,123
USAID PACT Serbia 52,589
Expertise France PFM reform Egypt 52,036
Total 2,006,016