Learning approach

We support a participatory approach to learning and recognize the critical importance of peer-to-peer learning. We encourage each learner to take ownership over the learning process. We engage participants in the design, delivery and monitoring of our learning events, and build on their experience. We put emphasis on understanding how learning happens and also how it influences individuals and consequently their institutions.

    Our participatory approach to learning includes:

  • Understanding and keeping pace with the learning needs of individuals, institutions and regional reform agendas.
  • Ensuring that the learner is at the heart of the learning process. The CEF learning experts take the roles of curators, facilitators, moderators, co-creators and observers, helping learners voice their learning objectives and assist them in achieving them.
  • Using a wide range of learning methods and tools to maximize interaction between lecturers and participants, and among participants.
  • Incorporating participants’ feedback before, during and after the learning event.
  • Showcasing the skills and knowledge that participants acquire: how they have benefited personally, as well as their teams and institutions.