Thematic areas

As a key learning partner for public officials in the CEF constituency in South East Europe, we have specified four thematic priorities for our work: public financial management, central banking, leadership for managing reforms and learning and knowledge ecosystems.

While the public financial management and central banking thematic areas address topics related to the core content functions of ministries of finance, tax administrations, central banks and other relevant public institutions, topics under the thematic area of leadership for managing reforms are linked to the competencies needed for policy making and coordination, communication, and collaboration. They are embedded in our PFM and central banking areas or offered as stand-alone activities. Our specific know-how in the area of learning and knowledge ecosystems is embedded across our entire program, supporting the learners to understand and adopt CEF’s learning and knowledge sharing approaches and institutions to become learning organizations.

  • Public Financial Management
    We contribute to the development of sound public financial management systems that foster efficient and results-oriented collection and allocation of public resources. We promote accountability, integrity, and inclusiveness of public institutions in line with good governance and transparency principles. We address fiscal and sectoral policy making, budget management, and day-to-day business challenges of tax administrations. We also support development and recognition of accounting and auditing professions, and build analytical capacities for informed decision making.
  • Central Banking
    We address prudential regulation and supervision, financial stability policies and instruments of central banks and financial supervisory authorities to promote a sound and resilient financial system. We strengthen capacities for producing quality information for decision and policy making, laying down foundation for more developed financial markets and its infrastructure. We work on understanding of how to build strong and credible institutions, which requires sound and effective operations, and good governance practices. In this capacity we also support accounting and auditing professions.
  • Leadership for Managing Reforms
    We contribute to the process of envisioning, designing and implementing policy reforms, and developing respective skills and competencies. These include interaction and communication capacities, collaboration and co-creation, policy cycle management, problem solving, networking, digital and future skills. We work on personal, team, and institutional capacities to navigate the change processes in their environments.
  • Learning and Knowledge Ecosystems
    We support institutions and teams to embed practices from the concept of public institutions as learning organizations, building on the CEF's specific know-how in becoming and being a learning organization. Focus is also on developing capacities for knowledge management, in particular knowledge creation, documentation, and exchange among individuals, teams and institutions.