Partners are institutions that cooperate with the CEF in delivering our learning and knowledge sharing program, implementing international development cooperation, or have some other common area of interest. Some of them also finance projects implemented by the CEF.

Through our three types of partnerships–governance, donor and knowledge-sharing related partnerships–we achieve interconnected goals: good governance that encourages inclusive and collaborative environment and helps us achieve our mandate, sustainable financing and diversification of donors, and promotion of regional and global expertise that contributes to the relevance and ownership of our learning and networking program. Altogether, and all in their respective ways, partner relations help us steer our work in a way that leads to our value added for our constituency professionals, their teams, and institutions.

Our partners’ roles are in many instances overlapping and may cover one or more modes of cooperation with the CEF. Each partnership has its own unique elements; all are driven by the impact that we generate together in pursuing common goals for our constituency.

We cooperate with a wide range of organizations and experts: international financial institutions, global and regional international organizations, peer institutions, governments in their capacities of donors and recipients of official development assistance, professional organizations, academia, independent oversight bodies, non-governmental organizations, and individual experts.