Our partnerships are driven by the impact that we generate together for our constituency. Partners are institutions that cooperate with the CEF in delivering our learning program, sharing learning methodologies, implementing international cooperation or have some other common area of interest.

On bilateral basis, we collaborate with international development and cooperation bodies, such as the government bodies and international cooperation agencies. We also collaborate with multilateral organizations, with whom we share development cooperation goals. Equally important, we partner with organizations which implement development cooperation programs.

Strategic approach to change and knowledge sustainability are fundamental for establishing trust amongst partners, specifically for donors’ coordination and peer collaboration. Concept of the CEF as a knowledge hub has been increasing synergies amongst our partners’ community. Structured and efficient capturing of learning needs, elaborate tailoring and packaging of the learning program are essential for sustainable capacity development and full ownership by the beneficiaries.

We will keep exploring the benefits of the knowledge hub in continuous collaboration with peers and donors’ institutions in order to reach the ultimate goal of strengthening public financial institutions and the successful implementation of the needed reforms in the SEE region.

Bilateral Partners

Ministry of Finance, Slovenia Slovenia's Development Cooperation Bank of Slovenia
Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands De Nederlandsche Bank (Eurosysteem) National Bank of Belgium
Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Germany Expertise France Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic
GIZ Logo Banque de France

Multilateral Partners

International Monetary Fund PEFA Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
European Central Bank (ECB) World Bank Group European Commission (EC)

Knowledge Institutions, Peer Organizations and Networks

The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) Learn 4 Dev Regional School of Public Administration
Join Vienna Institution Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Regional Cooperation Council (RCC)