Pursuing Effectiveness in the TIAPS Program in Montenegro

May 12, 2020 by Taja Čehovin

Slovenian Development Cooperation aims at effectiveness for maximum development impacts. As an employee of a donor country public institution, responsible for allocating tax-payers’ money to activities that will benefit partner countries and its citizens, I am bound to respect the development cooperation effectiveness principles to the maximum extent possible. The contents of this blog reflect my own views but basic principles* described do guide the work of our whole team.

Montenegro and Slovenia have a long tradition of excellent and diverse cooperation on many levels. Being one of only two countries with multiannual development cooperation programs with Slovenia, Montenegro is often viewed as a “best practice” example of coordinated, predictable, transparent, accountable and comprehensive development cooperation.

The development of effective, accountable and transparent institutions is also one of the priority topics of Slovenian Development Cooperation, so supporting the TIAPS program in Montenegro seems like a self-evident choice. Yet, it is more than that. With what it turned out to be, it is a clear example of an efficient development cooperation project.



Ownership was secured through the conscious decision of Montenegrin authorities to develop this field and to nominate its personnel to the program.

It was also a commitment by individual employees that they will develop their knowledge and skills for the better execution of their official duties.


The TIAPS program was co-developed by CIPFA and the CEF (organization, which gathers donors and recipients on an equal footing) as members, who combine their views and knowledge for mutually agreeable outcomes.

The CEF is furthermore partnering with numerous experts in the field, who add value and expertise to the program and its implementation. It also provides a forum for donors to combine their efforts in fields of mutual interest.

Transparency and accountability

Having a mutual multiannual development cooperation program, agreed between the two governments, as well as dedicated staff in the Slovenian Embassy in Podgorica, who contributed to the oversight and monitoring of program implementation, the transparency and accountability have been fully met.

The CEF respects high standards of transparency and accountability also towards its constituency members in general and towards funding partners specifically.


Slovenia has continuously supported the program until its successful take-over by the Montenegrin authorities, who will continue with its implementation, thus making it sustainable.

By pursuing its strategic priorities and cooperating with a variety of reliable partners, Slovenia has been able to showcase a variety of best practices and good examples of development cooperation projects, which respect development cooperation principles to the benefit of all involved parties.

It may be more difficult to accurately measure the wide-reaching impact of the Slovenian intervention through the TIAPS program on the Montenegrin welfare, but having educated internal auditors in the Montenegrin public sector may undisputedly be argued as a prerequisite for effective, accountable and transparent institutions and their development.

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