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In Focus: Addressing Future Training Agenda on Taxation Issues in SEE

Dec 18, 2013


The recent High-Level Dialogue on Tax Administration and Tax Compliance gave an opportunity for networking and bringing together the SEE region’s tax administration leaders and the donor agencies that are supporting modernization efforts in tax administration.

Tax officials from 11 countries participated at the event and discussed current challenges for tax administrations along with possible responses to these challenges. They agreed that to make reform and modernization efforts work, a strong commitment to reforms, clear decisions about their direction and provision of necessary resources are essential. Furthermore, all relevant officials need to have a serious buy-in to the reform program. Participants also pointed out that reforming tax administration requires comprehensive human resources and training strategies as people and knowledge are the biggest resource that an institution has.

CEF director Mira Dobovišek thanked the participating delegations for their commitment to the CEF’s learning programs on tax administration and tax policy. As the CEF works to accelerate its learning activities in the area of taxation, Ms. Dobovišek stressed the need for strengthening cooperation with regional tax authorities in order to tailor the training program to institution- specific capacity development needs. “Understanding regional challenges and responding to them, while focusing on country specifics in implementation, are the key success factors of CEF operations. This has allowed us to develop high-quality, timely, and relevant learning programs,” she noted.

The High-Level Dialogue on Tax Administration and Tax Compliance took place on December 13, 2013 at the CEF.

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