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Adetef and the CEF Signed the Partnership Agreement

Mar 18, 2014


In the context of the international symposium “Cooperation for State Building and State Reforming” held in Paris, a partnership agreement on public financial management was signed today between Adetef and the CEF.

The three-year partnership aims at promoting best practices in the field of public financial management, through the development of shared activities and projects, exchanges of experts, training of civil servants and technical assistance programmes.

It provides for the following activities:

  • exchanging information and materials on public financial management issues;
  • making joint proposals and participating in technical assistance projects funded on a multilateral base;
  • organizing of joint educational and learning events, including training programs, seminars, workshops and conferences, and study visits;
  • mobilizing Adetef’s expertise to the CEF’s initiatives for regional capacity development and capacity building;
  • participating together in international programs and other events.
The agreement was signed by Agnès Arcier, Chairwoman, Chief Executive Officer of Adetef, and Mira Dobovišek, Director of the CEF.

About Adetef:

Adetef is the French agency for international technical cooperation of the Ministries in charge of Economy and Finance, Sustainable Development and State Reform. The agency aims at helping France’s partner countries to set up reforms.

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