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CEF Awarded New Contract as PEMPAL Secretariat

Mar 28, 2013


For a second time, the World Bank and its donor partners have selected the CEF to serve as secretariat for PEMPAL, a well-regarded network of practitioners in public financial management across Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The new contract, through 2015, extends a collaboration that dates from 2008. The CEF has served PEMPAL through a period of rapid growth and expanding impact for the network. Going forward, as secretariat the CEF will continue to provide a full range of on-the-ground support. In 2012, we handled 16 events for the network’s three communities of practice and governance bodies, serving hundreds of participants. We will also continue to manage the network’s newsletter and annual report, as well as its web site and other online resources.

CEF Director Mira Dobovišek noted, “We are delighted that the World Bank has continued to put its trust in the CEF. We take pride that we have supported PEMPAL’s growth, and we are committed to its further success.”

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Public Expenditure Management Peer Assisted Learning (PEMPAL) is a World Bank–supported program that creates a network of public financial management professionals in 22 countries in Europe and Central Asia (ECA). The aim is to benchmark the PFM systems of participating countries against one another and pursue opportunities for peer learning, which increasingly understood to enhance knowledge transfer. The PEMPAL Secretariat is located at the Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF) in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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