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CEF Joined EU Member States' Director Generals of Tax Administrations in Bucharest

Sep 23, 2013


The CEF attended the recent General Meeting of the Tax Authorities of the EU Member States – G28 Meeting – where we presented the CEF training program on taxation and invited the participating countries to join our efforts in responding to the most pressing capacity developments needs that tax authorities in South East Europe face.

The director generals of tax administrations in the EU gathered to this international event to discuss performance management in tax administration which is in many countries assuming greater importance. Participating countries shared their experience with performance management and performance measurement. This exchange of information and good practices was recognized as a very useful way of strengthening co-operation between the tax administrations in the EU member states.

Norman Gillanders, International Monetary Fund's (IMF) Tax Administration Reform Advisor for South East Europe, based at the CEF, presented the IMF’s approach to performance management in tax administration. In his presentation Mr. Gillanders pointed out that according to his work experience across SEE, not all tax administrations have:
  • a clear definition of essential strategic change and specific methods to achieve it
  • a realistic view of inevitable obstacles and how to remove or get around them
  • the ability to mobilize staff and resources to make plans happen
In conclusion, he offered advice on how tax administrations can apply performance management at strategic, operational and individual staff level.

The G28 Meeting was held on September 20, 2013 in Bucharest and was organized by the Romanian National Agency for Fiscal Administration.
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