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CEF Joins Train4Dev’s Core Group

Jan 31, 2013


In a major international recognition of our training expertise, the CEF has been invited to join the Core Group of the Train4Dev network. We are the first institution from the newer EU member countries to join this group.

The Core Group serves as a board for Train4Dev, a network of learning experts from donor agencies and multilateral organizations that are working in international development. It includes institutions that have organized the network’s annual meeting or that will do so in the future; typically, this event is organized jointly by two Train4Dev members. The CEF will be one of the organizers of the annual meeting in 2015.

Participating also offers the CEF an opportunity to more intensively build our own capacity, as we will be able to learn from the policy and practice of other donors and training institutions. CEF Deputy Director Ms. Jana Repanšek attended a meeting on January 15-16, 2013, hosted in Vienna by the Austrian Development Agency, where the CEF began participating in the Core Group.

About Train4Dev

The Train4Dev Network is the Joint Donors’ Competence Development Network and an open forum for donor agencies and multilateral organizations. Its objective is to promote improved aid effectiveness for poverty reduction by enhancing donor co-operation in the field of competence development and training.

The CEF became a member of the Train4Dev network in 2008 when it joined the Public Financial Management (PFM) expert group. Since then the CEF has been active also in Knowledge Management (KM), and Capacity Development (CD) expert groups.

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