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CEF Successfully Concluding Training Program for Macedonian Public Accountants

Mar 1, 2013


CEF successfully concluded project activities at the certification training for Macedonian public accountants (PACT Level 1 Cohort 1). Delivery of Certificates is expected to take place in spring 2013.

Participants enrolled in the training come from 11 different institutions; most of them from Macedonia-wide municipalities. The group of students pursuing the training was assessed as relevant, diligent and highly motivated to attain certification skills and diploma. Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive. When asked at the final evaluation if they would chose to attend the training again, all responded yes. Participants highlighted the training’s usefulness: one noted “I consider this program to be of exceptional use for me. It improves my knowledge and my skills in the area of accountancy and finance. In the course of the training I have learned things, for which I can freely say I didn't know well before,” while another said, “the program is excellent. I am truly happy that I was given such an opportunity.” Work of the organizers was also appreciated. One participant noted: “greetings and congratulations to the organizers for the successful implementation of the project!”

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