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Learning and Regional Cooperation in South East Europe

Collaborating with Lincoln Institute of Land Policy to Address Trends in Property Taxation

Mar 21, 2013


The CEF partners with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy to bring international experience in taxation of land and real property to public officials in South East Europe. Every spring faculty from Estonia, Poland, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States share their expertise on value-based property taxes with participants from countries that are considering the approach or have recently introduced it.

The course offers policy-oriented analysis as well as practical approaches to implementing value-based taxes. When asked about its added value, Lincoln Institute Fellow Jane H. Malme, the course leader, says: “The wide range of perspectives and multidisciplinary backgrounds of the faculty and participants allow deeper consideration of critical political and economic issues than any single approach would permit. This greatly enriches the course and promotes consideration of innovative policy analysis, with a special focus on practical approaches to tax implementation.”

A collegial and interactive learning environment ensures that every year the course is well attended and well received. One recent participant commented, “This is one of the best available courses for professionals interested in property taxation." Another noted, “I improved my expertise in this area, which will allow me to perform better when giving advice to the government. I will insist on using modern technologies we learnt about during the workshop.”

This year the course is scheduled for March 25-29, 2013.

About The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

A non-profit educational foundation located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy aims through research, teaching, and educational publications to help improve land policy, including land use and taxation.

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