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Conference on Structural Challenges of the Slovenian Economy Concluded

Jun 21, 2013


The international conference on Structural Challenges of the Slovenian Economy, organized by the Center of Excellence in Finance and the Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development, concluded on a successful note and marked its value to the public financial management practitioners and experts who address fiscal policy challenges. More than one hundred participants and guests agreed the event was a timely and effective contribution to the ongoing debate on structural reform priorities and modern tax reform movement.

The first panel discussed structural reform priorities in times of economic crisis. Participants agreed that the key structural challenge in improving the economic situation in Slovenia and facilitating further developmental changes is fiscal policy with an emphasis on public finance consolidation, labor market policies and tax administration. “It is critical that Slovenia strengthens confidence to reinvigorate the economy, and rebuilds sustainable growth,” noted Gerd Schwartz, IMF FAD Deputy Director.

The second panel addressed tax administration reforms towards better organization and adjustment to current changes. Frank Van Driessche from the European Commission outlined the following needs:

  • Institutional and organizational reforms
  • Strategies aimed at fostering voluntary compliance
  • Modernization of debt collection
  • Performance management
  • Increasing use of modern electronic service delivery
  • Tackling VAT frauds
  • Interagency cooperation

Norman Gillanders, IMF's Tax Administration Reform Advisor in South East Europe, noted, “To ensure such tax administration modernization efforts work, a number of key factors are needed: political backing for a coherent vision of the future tax administration, strong leadership, and good governance in the tax administration itself.”

The conference took place on June 19, 2013 in Ljubljana.

Conference materials:

1_Schwartz_Fiscal Policy and Growth.pdf
3_Hafner, Impact of the Financial Crisis on the Credit Market in Slovenia.pdf
4_Masten_The Challange of Fiscal Consolidation.pdf
5_Kajzer-EKONOmski izzivi 2013- final.pdf
6_Kozamernik Razprava Trg dela.pdf
7_Gillanders Towards Modern Tax Administration.pdf
8_Frank Van Driessche_Tax Reforms in EU Member States.pdf
9_Hardiman__Politics public administration and performance.pdf

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