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In Focus: We Are Starting the New Learning Season with a Redesigned Lobby

Sep 4, 2015


The CEF lobby is a key meeting place in our learning institution and we wanted it to reflect our understanding of learning as creative, future-proofed, supportive, bold, challenging, and fun. We have teamed up with Jure Kotnik Architecture to help us translate our understanding of learning into a physical design of the CEF lobby, intersecting learning theories, architecture, psychology, and interior design.

Our lobby is a gathering spot for training participants: a place to rest during coffee and lunch breaks, browse the internet, relax, and chat to one another. It is a place where learning happens – the CEF learning space. We want to offer our participants an environment that makes them feel relaxed and motivated to learn, and that stimulates them to think differently and enter the world of learning which is not only demanding but also challenging and fun.

The architect chose a set of innovative elements, such as a winning podium, office traffic signs, and arrangement of pillar as an inspiration area that would act as conversation triggers and initiate informal contacts among people, while also relieving their minds and taking their brain into another realm of thinking. A relaxed and informal learning environment stimulates the brain to memorize more information and better connect the different pieces of the puzzle.

We look forward to welcoming you in our renewed premises and start the new and even more successful learning season.

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