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Learning and Regional Cooperation in South East Europe

National Institute of Financial Management of India at the CEF

Jun 5, 2013


On June 4, 2013 the CEF hosted the delegation of the National Institute of Financial Management (NIFM) who are on a one-week study visit in Slovenia. During their stay, the visitors explore the Slovenian and EU economic structure and learn from experts dealing with public financial management, governance and other relevant topics.

Mira Dobovišek, Director of the CEF, introduced our approach to learning and regional cooperation. Other experts of the CEF talked about the budget system in Slovenia and the European concept of public financial management and its implementation. The sessions generated lively discussions among the participants.

NIFM is an Indian government institution focused on building capacities of Indian public officials in public financial management. The delegation includes 40 employees of various ministries and other public institutions across India.

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