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Serbian National Assembly Delegation at the CEF

Nov 15, 2013


In cooperation with the UNDP in Serbia, the CEF organized a study visit for a group of members and staff of the Serbian National Assembly to Slovenia on November 11-14, 2013. The visit focused on parliamentary oversight and public finance management.

The delegation met with the internal auditor of the Slovenian Parliament, Ms. Kosmač; former parliament member and former deputy of the Slovenian Court of Audit, Ms. Vidovič, and second deputy of the Slovene Court of Audit, Mr. Mladenovič. The lecturers and guests discussed the needs of public finance reforms, and the guests learned about the introduction of the internal audit function in the Slovene Parliament and related challenges, the role of the Parliament in follow-up of external audit findings, and cooperation between the Court of Audit, the Parliament and the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption.

The main goal of the group’s visit was to learn about the application developed by the Slovene Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, called the Supervisor, and its functioning, which was presented by head of the Unit for Analytics, Intelligence and Information Security, Mr. Kovačič.

The third part of the visit was held at the Slovene Parliament, where the delegation met with chair of the Commission for Public Finance Control, Mr. Vizjak, and chair of the Committee on Finance and Monetary Policy, Mr. Starman together with their teams. The guests focused on the accounting and budgetary procedures and initiated a constructive discussion with head of the Finance and Accounting Section, Mr. Tomšič.
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