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SPB Newsfeed: Strengthening Coordination with Budget Users

Mar 5, 2014


We are designing a new workshop addressing the Integration of Structural Reforms into Fiscal Programming. The workshop’s primary objective is to enhance fiscal policy coordination of structural reforms among ministries, and to enhance the capacity of ministries of finance to carry out the coordination task.

The workshop will take place in Ljubljana on April 9-11. It will build on policy coordination issues identified within the CEF’s Fiscal Impact Assessment of Structural Reforms project, in which beneficiaries from South East Europe discussed country case studies on how fiscal costs of structural reforms are integrated into countries’ annual budgets and medium-term fiscal documents.

The workshop will be delivered as part of the EU-funded project on Strategic Planning and Budgeting (SPB) that the CEF delivers to beneficiaries in the Western Balkan countries and Turkey. Its overall objective is to contribute to strengthening of beneficiary countries’ capacity to design and implement medium-term macro-fiscal policy.

Half way into SPB project implementation, the focus of training and networking activities is shifting from primarily targeting institutions in charge of strategic planning and budgeting processes (mainly ministries of finance) towards other budget users (in particular budget-intensive line ministries).

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