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SPB Newsfeed: Forthcoming Activities in Strategic Planning and Budgeting Project

Oct 3, 2013


As part of our efforts to stimulate learning and regional cooperation, we have developed the Strategic Planning and Budgeting (SPB) project which addresses capacity needs in policy design, implementation and coordination of medium-term macroeconomic and fiscal frameworks, and enclosure of the fiscal impact of structural reforms into these frameworks.

The SPB serves to exchange best practice in the region, to complement beneficiaries’ domestic efforts, and to stimulate beneficiaries’ learning through participatory activities. SPB Workshops are framed by core seminars and policy dialogues that bring together senior managers and top representatives of beneficiary governments.The SPB project is financed by the European Union and has the objective to help strengthening beneficiary countries’ capacity to design and implement medium-term macrofiscal policy.

As part of forthcoming SPB activities we are pleased to announce a workshop on Capital Budgeting that will take place on October 16–18, 2013, for officials engaged in capital planning, capital budget formulation, and capital budget execution.

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