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Strengthening Knowledge of Slovenian Fiscal System

Feb 4, 2014


On February 14, 2014 the CEF will organize a lecture “Slovenian Fiscal System” that will be delivered by Dr. Mitja Čok, Full Professor at Faculty of Economics, and Irena Roštan, Secretary at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Slovenia.

The lecture “Slovenian Fiscal System” will give a complete overview of national and local budgeting as well as social and pension funds. In addition, the main types of taxes will be presented and explained in the context of EU and OECD countries.

The aim of the lecture is to introduce public finances and familiarize participants with the specifics of the Slovenian tax system. The lecture, that was initially designed to further develop capacities of CEF employees, was also opened to interested employees of the Ministry of Finance, Bank of Slovenia, Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development, and other institutions to refresh our knowledge and acquire a wider perspective of public finances.

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