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Training of Internal Auditors in Public Sector in Montenegro to Continue

Jan 23, 2014


The Center of Excellence in Finance and the Ministry of Finance of Montenegro are happy to announce the launch of Training of Internal Auditors in Public Sector (TIAPS) for the second generation of students from the Montenegrin public sector. The opening ceremony will take place on January 29, 2014 in Podgorica.

The TIAPS training course is part of the Montenegrin government’s efforts to build and strengthen professional qualifications for up to 40 public sector internal auditors. The program is implemented by the Center of Excellence in Finance in cooperation with the Chartered Institute for Public Finance and Accountancy, who will ensure the high quality of the training and issue international certificates to successful attendees.

This one-year professional qualification program is funded jointly by the German Stability Pact Fund, the Montenegrin Ministry of Finance, and the CEF. The program serves to strengthen the internal audit function, which is vital for the development of the public sector. It contributes to enhancing public finance management, setting up good practices, and fighting against corruption and inefficient management of public funds.

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