We have developed the CEF Online Learning Campus (OLC) with a clear vision to support knowledge exchange and experience sharing among South East European finance officials in an online learning environment.

Technology is transforming the way we learn. Therefore, we are integrating new online learning tools into different learning contexts to provide even more opportunities to multiply the outreach and impact of capacity development and change – be it on the personal, institutional, or country level. Through online learning we engage a broad group of stakeholders who wish to learn together and develop timely, customized and cost-effective solutions to reform related challenges.

The community of finance officials is at the heart of the OLC. We are committed to involving them online through watching videos and live streams, taking part in online learning courses, attending webinars, reading and reflecting on blog posts or collaborating in different online discussions. All the online learning initiatives are related to our thematic areas: Public Financial Management, Tax Policy and Administration, Central Banking, Data and Analysis for Designing Policies, and Leadership for Managing Reforms.

We strongly believe that online learning is vital for capacity development. Therefore, we will strengthen our online learning initiatives even further in the upcoming years and offer finance officials the best online learning experience in the SEE region.

Join us now to become part of the CEF online learning community.


My Journey into the Online Learning Space

September 12, 2017 by Aleksander Nadj

We at the Center of Excellence in Finance have been aware of online learning for a long time. We knew it right from the start that it could potentially have a very bright future. The CEF is a learning institution and therefore it is important for us to explore new innovative ways of delivering our learning…

The magic of the first webinar in five steps

June 20, 2017 by Dijana Mitrović

I experienced my first webinar as a facilitator on May 16, 2017 at the Center of Excellence in Finance. Our international virtual classroom gathered experts from Romania, the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark and Australia, and participants from Europe and Australia, to address the topic of modern tax administration.…

Webinar – enriching others and introducing new knowledge

May 9, 2017 by Gentian Opre

Joining a webinar was not new to me, but being one of the presenters in the CEF’s webinars was a whole new experience. It started with testing technology which I found crucial for better delivery. In April 2017, the CEF organized a webinar ‘’Understanding Baseline vs. New Policy Estimates’’. My role…

Webinar’s content is KING. But is it really?

January 10, 2017 by Ajda Turk

Have you ever attended a webinar that you couldn’t listen until the end? When you read the announcement, you immediately decided to register as the title was so intriguing. After a few moments of listening to the speaker online, however, you started to scroll through your e-mails, update your LinkedIn…