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Strengthening Key Skills Managers Need to Succeed

Mar 6, 2014


To address some of the challenges managers in public sector in South East Europe face, we organized in cooperation with the Irish counterparts from the Carr Communications a workshop on strengthening management skills. Participants agreed that to be an effective manager it is not sufficient to have superb technical skills. It is just as important to have excellent people skills. Managing people, planning, communicating, delegating, motivating, managing performance, problem solving, and understanding team dynamics are some of the key skills managers need. 

Twenty-five participants from seven countries participated at the event. They worked together on many interactive activities that helped them better understand their role as managers and their own management styles.Using a color assessment Pace Palette tool which has been designed to enhance communication in the workplace they identified their own and their colleagues' temperament patterns. In their views, applying what they had learnt will help them better manage teams of their colleagues, manage conflicts as well as delegate and hold meetings more effectively.

It was very heartening to see so many young, talented people in such responsible jobs. I sincerely believe that you are the leaders in your areas and hold in your hands the ability to make real and positive changes in your respective countries.” remarked Iseult O'Doherty, the Training Manager from Carr Communications who delivered the training.

The event was organized for the first time and was regarded as a great success. »I had attended many workshops and this is one of the best!”, This was an excellent workshop!; It combined a great mix of learning tools, methods and approaches. One of my favorite workshops ever!”; “The lecturer was perfect!”, are just some of many enthusiastic comments from the participants.

The event took place on February 18 – 20, 2014 in Ljubljana.

To further develop soft skills, the following workshops will take place at CEF this year: Project Cycle Management, Planning and Leading Organizational Change, and Writing Strategic Documents.

Photo Gallery of the Event

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