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Like it or not, we all need a change once in a while. Otherwise we just don’t advance. This also applies to the IT world. We may have established systems that work quite fine, but users often want more than that. We should listen to them and their needs, and also consider the latest trends. We at the CEF recently came to the decision that it’s about time to renovate one of our vital platforms – a web…
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Learning in South East Europe

We at the CEF pay a lot of attention to learning. When designing our learning initiatives, we do not only consider different approaches that would be most relevant for discussed topics, but we also put great emphasis on in-class participation, stimulating interactivity by including participants as much as possible. We also monitor what works better and what does not, as not all learning styles can…
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We partner with
International Monetary Fund

We achieve significant results by working with a wide range of multilateral partners. Their reach, specialization, and other strengths help us meet our objectives for capacity development in member countries. In turn, they gain from our extensive knowledge of the region's training needs …
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Storify allows making stories out of social media posts. We use it to capture happening at our learning initiatives.

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