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July 6, 2021 by CEF BLOG EDITORS

Summer is here and we have a suggestion for your summer reading. Editors of the CEF blog selected a couple of posts that you might find interesting. Here is what we have in store for you:

First, we checked our blog library and gathered some reading suggestions that you might enjoy.

These are the 3 most read blogs in the past 365 days:-)


Reimagine organizational learning in times of crisis. Mugur Tolici and Harry Meintassis look at how this unprecedented time has changed us, our learning and what we need to rethink going forward.


My story with the CEF. This is a story about how once simple and everyday things became unexpected and difficult, and how it feels to change your home country for the country where your job is, in the midst of the pandemic.


Leaders are defined by their group. It is very important what kind of an example leaders give to their groups. Good leadership is much more powerful and sucsessful than empty words. See what our affiliated expert Deon Tanzer has to say about that.

Blog editors selected last year's best pieces for you to check out.


Emerging from the Pandemic: A New Perspective on Learning and Sensemaking. Our guest author Gordon Ferrier is reflecting on the future of learning and training for public practitioners.


Learn, Un-Learn, Re-Learn: Covid 19 Crisis a Good Time to Reflect the Way We Learn. Our CEF colleague Tina Žagar writes about how important it is to be able to learn things in new ways.


Role of Learning Facilitator and Techniques to Engage Participants. In this video David Šturm and Ivana Angelova talk about the role of learning facilitators and different techniques that they can use at learning events and meetings.


Strategize and Create. Our guest author Robin Poppe explores the concepts of strategizing and creating, as these are or will become the future focuses of knowledge institutions.


What is your Goal when you Communicate with People Our CEF colleagues Cvetka Mozoli and Polona Sirnik reflect on communications and the importance of listening.

We wish you a great summer and plenty of good reading.

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