Interest Rate Benchmark Reforms

May 12, 2020 CEF Online Learning Campus No Fee
May 12, 2020

The webinar will provide insights into developments of reforming the European Interest Rate Benchmarks.

In response to interbank interest rate manipulations in the past, the new requirements for major interest rate benchmarks (i.e. the Euro Overnight Index Average ‘EONIA’, and the Euro Interbank Offer Rate ‘ EURIBOR’) were introduced. Participants will be able to get updates on implementation of the new requirements and the progress made on the development of overnight risk-free rates and its potential to serve as a basis for an alternative to current benchmarks used in a variety of financial instruments and contracts in the euro area.

The webinar will start at 10:00 CET and will last approximately 1.5 hour. Participants will be encouraged to pose questions on the topic.


Cilka Ferjančič, Consultant analyst, Liquidity Management and Collateral Division, Banking Operations Department, Bank of Slovenia

Cilka is a senior analyst with more than 20 years' work experience at the central bank. Skilled in monetary policy implementation, collateral management, emergency liquidity assistance procedures, and monitoring financial markets. She is also an expert in interest rate benchmarks reforms. She is a Member of the "Working Group on Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy Instruments and Procedures" and "Collateral Management Network" at the European Central Bank. She studied at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana and graduated in 1993, specialized in finance. She is the author of several articles on money market, government securities, collateral management and interest rate benchmarks reforms published in the Journal of Money and Banking.

Target audience

Financial analysts, central bank employees, public officials, and others interested in developments on the topic.

Practical information

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The webinar will be delivered on May 12 from 10:00 - 11:30 in English and will be recorded.


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