E-audit and Tax Administrations

Nov 6, 2018 , Ljubljana, Slovenia Webinar
Nov 5, 2018

The webinar will be delivered as part of the Tax Policy and Administration Learning Program, whose overall objective is to contribute to strengthening of beneficiary institutions’ capacity in implementing the EU recommendations under which the revenue authorities can enhance tax compliance risk management.

How will you benefit

The webinar will follow up on a related Tax Auditing in Electronic Environment workshop, held at the CEF in June 2017. At that time participants clearly expressed demand for similar learning initiative in which more and new related topics would be discussed.

Information technology has increasing impact on everyday life. In this respect tax authorities and tax auditors are not immune and need to effectively change and adapt.

During the webinar we will

  • look at auditing methodologies in participating countries
  • discuss how to carry out and IT-audit in a company
  • analyze the impact of IT on business models (e-commerce)
  • review the legislation required for e-commerce
  • debate the latest IT developments.

Special attention will be paid to Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) intended to give tax authorities easy access to relevant data in easy readable format.

By the end of the webinar we will have:

  • Checked which techniques and tools are needed for effective E-Audit
  • Discussed how IT-driven processes can reduce the administrative burden both on the collecting authority, and, if done correctly, to the taxpayers themselves
  • Exchanged views how to make the process of compliance simpler

What will you learn

We will address the following areas:

  • E-commerce impact
  • How big data analyses cam support E-audit
  • Which are pre-requisites for effective E-audits
  • Data analytics in tax administrations
  • Estonian IT (VAT return) system and approach to auditing

Participants will be actively engaged in discussions and group exercises, and encouraged to share their experiences and country practices.

Who should attend

The webinar will engage tax auditors and data analysts of tax administrations.


Astrid Hergauk, Development Specialist, Audit Department, Estonian Tax and Customs Board

Astrid Hergauk has held various positions in Audit Department since 2001 and is currently involved in different IT development projects in ETCB. Astrid has studied business administration and law.


Padraigh Donelly, Irish Revenue

Padraigh Donnelly is a Manager in Revenue Irish Tax and Custom’s Planning Division and has responsibility for developing and implementing Revenue compliance policy.  His compliance policy portfolio includes the development and implementation of e-Audit in Revenue. He has been involved in e-Audit for approximately 15 years and have experience in both operational or policy functions.   


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This learning initiative was supported by:

Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands Ministry of Finance Slovenia Slovenia's Development Cooperation