Medium-Term Revenue Strategy (MTRS)

Workshop: December 10 – 12, 2019ILjubljana, SloveniaITax Policy and Administration

Sufficient revenue mobilization enables sound public finances, a better investment climate, inclusive economic growth, and achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). It crucially depends on the institutional capacity to develop a medium-term strategic perspective how to mobilize revenues.

The workshop will discuss the core elements of such strategy, i.e. the importance of establishing broad consensus on the level of revenue mobilization effort needed; understanding the comprehensive set of tax system reform strategies to achieve revenue goals; ensuring country commitment; and securing sufficient funding, coordination and alignment of donor and technical assistance support. We will discuss the origin of the concept, differences between the most current approaches to revenue reform, and the problems it is designed to resolve.

The workshop is designed for top management of tax administrations, mid-to-senior level tax officials, as well as finance officials from tax policy division at finance ministries.


This learning initiative is supported by:

International Monetary Fund