On-Site Banking Supervision

Workshop: June 17 – 19, 2019ILjubljana, SloveniaIApplication deadline: May 17, 2019ICentral Banking

The workshop addresses the challenges in applying supervisory and risk management techniques.

We will study the organizational aspects of on-site supervision of banks, as well as practical on-site techniques. The workshop will provide a platform to share experience in performing prudential on-site inspections and to discuss inspection techniques and reporting. We will focus on the aspects of on-site inspections framework, planning and developing the scope of on-site inspections, practical organization, in-depth investigations of various risks, internal control systems, and on-site methodology for internal governance review. We will also work on strengthening the planning and performance of on-site inspections through practical case studies.

Target audience: banking regulators and supervisors.


  • Arnaud Lauwers, National Bank of Belgium
  • Redee Jeroen, National Bank of Belgium
  • TBD, Bank of Slovenia


This learning initiative is supported by:

Bank of Slovenia Slovenia's Development Cooperation National Bank of Belgium