On-Site Banking Supervision

Workshop: May 15 – 17, 2019ILjubljana, SloveniaICentral Banking

The workshop is designed to strengthen supervisory departments’ capacities to address the rising needs for more frequent and targeted inspections.

We will study the organizational aspects of on-site supervision of banks, as well as practical on-site techniques. In this light, we will be discussing the Supervisory Examination Programme SEP and compare practices of other national approaches to organizing a banking inspection. The workshop will thus provide a platform to share experience in performing prudential on-site inspections and to discuss inspection techniques and reporting.

We will focus on the aspects of on-site inspections framework, planning and developing the scope of on-site inspections, practical organization, while also including examples of in-depth investigations of various risks, internal control systems, and on-site methodology for internal governance review. We will work on strengthening the planning and performance of on-site inspections through practical case studies and work in groups.

Target audience

The seminar was designed for employees from banking regulation and supervision departments from central banks and financial supervisory authorities. Supervisors of non-bank financial institutions are also welcome to join.

All participants are encouraged to actively intervene in the discussion, raise practical questions and share insight of relevance to their country cases.


  • Arnaud Lauwers, National Bank of Belgium

Arnaud is Head of Mission on-site banking inspection at the National Bank of Belgium (NBB). Within the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), Arnaud was nominated by the ECB to conduct banking inspections of significant Belgian banks. Before joining the NBB, Arnaud gained a large banking experience in various positions (Operational Risk, Audit, Portfolio Management...) within the BNP Paribas group having operated at European level including Turkey.

Arnaud is also a lecturer of ''Operational Risk Management'' at the Belgian Banking Federation, of ''Audit, Governance and Risk Management'' at Kluwer Training and co-animated a workshop on ''risk based on site banking inspections'' in 2016 at the Central Bank of Macedonia.

  • Redee Jeroen, National Bank of Belgium

Jeroen is an on-site inspector banking supervision at the National Bank of Belgium, where he is currently working in the field of market risk. He recently graduated as a MSc in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance and Risk Management at Ghent University. He previously worked at the Ministry of Finance Belgium and in the banking sector as an intern. In his spare time, he is committed to the local youth movement.

  • Lucretia Paunescu, National Bank of Romania

Lucretia is Head of Inspection Division, within Supervision Department, since 1998. The Division has responsibilities of both off-site and on site supervision for 9 banks (3 O-SII, 3 medium size and 3 small banks). 

She was member or observer in different working groups/committees such as: Anti Money Laundering Contact Committee at the level of European Commission (2005), Cross Border Consolidation Task Force at the level of the Committee of the European Banking Supervisors (European Banking Authority) (2007-2008) and Working Party on Financial Services at the level of the Council of the European Union (2009).

Currently, she is a member of Review Panel at the level of the European Banking Authority.


This learning initiative was supported by:

Bank of Slovenia Slovenia's Development Cooperation National Bank of Belgium
National Bank of Romania (NBR)