2022-2026 Strategic direction

Our strategic objective is to serve as leaders in learning and to inspire public officials as individuals and teams to shape institutional governance. The overall impact that we aspire through our work is contribution to the development of successful economies and fair societies in our constituency

    Today, we are a leader in applying people-centered learning approaches and holding the know-how of becoming and being a learning organization. Over the next five years, we will:

  • Link our thematic focuses and projects to the strategic goals of our constituency in the area of post-Covid-19 financial recovery, green financing and digitalization.
  • Implement our learning and knowledge sharing program through innovative, multi-year capacity development projects, in close cooperation with a growing number of knowledge partners.
  • Continue to anchor our learning and knowledge sharing initiatives in the technical challenges that individuals, teams and institutions are facing.
  • Expand our focus from promoting learning and knowledge sharing at the level of individual officials to teams and institutions.
  • Remain working with ministries of finance, central banks and tax administrations in our constituency as our primary target audience.
  • Continue to provide a platform for donors’ coordination, dialogue and visibility and align our work with the 2030 Agenda to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Upgrade technical features in our online learning platforms for better user experience, enhance facilitation skills for digital environment, and deepen our understanding of e-learning methodologies.
  • Stay open for new membership by constituency EU neighborhood and other interested countries.