Nov 24, 2022

2023 Learning and Knowledge Sharing Calendar is Out Now

As a key learning partner for public officials in South East Europe, we invite you to take a look at the 2023 learning calendar and start making your learning plans for the coming year. Our colleagues Nina Agić and Natasha Ilijeva Acevska share insights about our 2023 learning and knowledge sharing program highlights across key thematic priorities for our work. These include public financial management, central banking, leadership for managing reforms and learning and knowledge ecosystems.

Dear friends, 

We are here to continue supporting your learning, and we have prepared a CEF learning and knowledge sharing program for 2023. The activities will address pressing challenges of economies that have not yet recovered from the pandemic crisis, the implications of the looming energy crisis, high inflation, and challenges in the labor market. 

With our program, we will deepen our support to teams in EU candidate and potential candidate countries drafting Economic Reform Programmes by strengthening the capacities of finance and line ministries in preparing and prioritizing structural reforms and integrating them into fiscal frameworks. We will tackle how to manage the day-to-day business of tax administrations, mostly in the area of mobilization of domestic revenues, tax e-services, and tax morale in connection with tax compliance. 

The priority areas for the target audience in central banks will be banking regulation and supervision, financial stability and macroprudential topics. While continuing our country-specific certification training programs for public sector accountants and auditors, we will regionally support accountants’ role in better management of public sector assets, and help auditors strengthen internal and financial control systems in their institutions. With the goal to support evidence-based policymaking and monitoring its implementation, we have horizontally embedded analytical capacity building.

We will work in several contexts to advance the transformation of public institutions into learning organizations. Our learning initiatives will aim to capacitate individuals, teams and whole institutions. We will tackle the skills and competencies related to knowledge management, learning culture and complexity, and change management. 

Another highlight of the program will be the support for young public officials in the region to step out as next-generation leaders. The leadership and coordination challenges for structural reforms will be addressed within the respective project and will embrace policy coordination, interpersonal communication skills, and communication of complex reforms to stakeholders. A novelty in this area is the introduction of coaching and mentoring for public servants in the EU candidate and potential candidate countries.

In 2023, we will also focus on developing skills for digital communication and transformation of the public service, green transformation, and related climate and environmental risks.

Nina Agić and Natasha Ilijeva Acevska
CEF Senior Program Officers