CEF Coordinators Meeting on Learning at Central Banks

Mar 2, 2021 Online No Fee
Mar 2, 2021

CEF Coordinators at central banks play an important role in identifying good practices and reform experiences that could be shared with other countries. They also help identify and engage officials who could share such practices and experiences at CEF events.

About this learning event

In this online meeting we will discuss the learning needs of central banks and their approaches to staff development. Furthermore, we want to lay the groundwork for increased collaboration in the joint delivery of CEF activities for central banks. We will talk about our approach to engaging our partners and what active participation entails.

We will also discuss initial ideas for the future learning program and central banks’ own learning events, and priorities for the coming years. In particular, we will devote an important part of our attention to giving you an update on the Bank Regulation and Supervision project, as well as discussing operational issues of collaboration.

The webinar will take place at 14:00 CET.

Who should attend

CEF Coordinators from central banks and their colleagues in HR who are interested in learning program and processes are invited to participate. Colleagues helping us in the survey for the Bank Regulation and Supervision are also warmly invited to join.

Guests to the meeting

  • Gent Sejko, Governor, Bank of Albania
  • Zsolt Ersek, Monetary and Capital Markets, International Monetary Fund


This learning initiative was supported by:

Bank of Slovenia