Innovation in Payments

Mar 22 – Apr 2, 2021 Online No Fee
Mar 19, 2021

This online course will address the fast-changing payment environment. Participants will get an overview of technological innovations and will discuss how to implement new payment solutions in their own national framework.

About this learning event

The emergence of crypto assets  have sparked intense developments in innovations in payments in last years (decade) and will do so even more in the upcoming period. At this course we will touch upon the debate around the role and authority of central banks in the area of crypto assets, especially in the light of the need to regulate and oversee them.

Monetary authorities contend that society’s trust in money and overall financial system stability are a byproduct of central bank guardianship. In this respect, the number of central banks, which are working  on central bank digital currency  (CBDC) research and experimenting on various levels, is increasing substantially. At the course we will explore the history, motivations and implementations of some more advanced CBDC proposals.

Business banks and other relevant institutions on the other hand recognize the need to keep up with the latest private sector innovations and therefore build innovative business models with innovative payment services  and solutions. We will put a special focus on participating countries' examples of innovations in payment solutions and the corresponding practices of their oversight from the central bank's perspective (implementation in national regulatory frameworks). We expect active participation of participants in sharing their practices and knowledge from their own country environments.

What will you learn

The course will be structured as follows:

  • Payment innovations, fintech and crypto assets
    • Global practices
    • Case of Slovenia
  • Central bank digital currencies (CBDC)
    • Outlook of different central bank projects
    • Digital euro
    • Prerequisites and steps for introduction of CBDC
  • Innovative business models
    • Regulatory challenges in the field of innovative business models

Who should attend

Representatives of payments and settlement systems departments as well as those working on regulation of financial markets at ministries of finance.


This course will be delivered by:

  • Domen Božeglav, Senior Analyst, Bank of Slovenia
  • Cristina Coutinho, Senior Market Infrastructure Expert, European Central Bank
  • Michael Rogers, Research Analyst, The Block
  • Ryan Todd, Research Analyst, The Block
  • John Kiff, Senior Financial Sector Expert, International Monetary Fund
  • Tao Sun, Senior Economist, International Monetary Fund


This learning initiative was supported by:

Bank of Slovenia European Central Bank (ECB) International Monetary Fund
The Block