Bank Business Model Analysis

Sep 21 – 30, 2021 Online Learning Campus No Fee
Sep 17, 2021 Central Banking

About this learning event

This online course will introduce the methodology of Bank Business Model Analysis (BBMA), within the context of banking supervision and Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process. We will look into the regulatory and supervisory guidelines provided by the EBA and the ECB.

We will focus on the aspects that help supervisors better understand the functioning of a bank in a forward-looking manner. We will discuss hands-on supervisory experience and practices and supervisors' interaction with commercial banks and their challenging role in banks' forecasts to assess their long-term sustainability.

We will discuss tools used for BBMA and discuss integration of climate risks within banks business projections.

Who should attend

Representatives of banking regulation and supervision departments at central banks and financial supervisory authorities.


  • Maria José Romero Rico, European Central Bank

  • Silvia Gnecchi, European Central Bank

  • Michiel van der Staaij, Dutch Central Bank


This learning initiative is supported by:

Bank of Slovenia European Central Bank (ECB) De Nederlandsche Bank (Eurosysteem)

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