Accounting and Financial Reporting in Central Banks

Sep 27 – 29, 2022 Ljubljana, Slovenia No Fee
Aug 31, 2022

This learning initiative will address the accounting principles in central banks, accounting rules and regulations as well as internal organization of accounting departments, budgeting and controlling.

We will discuss the preparation of central bank balance sheets and related challenges on topics such as financial reporting standards, specific accounting issues for central banks and similar. We will also look into the practices of internal and external financial reporting, and discuss other topics related to the organization of accounting and internal finance as well as cost accounting.


Accounting, controlling and financial reporting departments in every institution play a crucial role in ensuring sound information for financial decision-making. In accounting units in central banks, importance of this role is even more underlined, in the context of ensuring independence, accountability and transparency of the institution.

However, employees in these departments are also facing with many specific accounting rules and issues that are the result of the role of central banks in the overall public sector and the operations, pursued only by central banks. In addition, it is hard to identify one generally accepted accounting framework that can serve as best practice. Therefore, it is out of crucial importance to actively exchange the views and developments in the accounting for central bankers, identify the most challenging areas and share lessons learned between different central banks.

About this learning event

At this workshop we will explore examples of good practices in different central banks around the region and wider, we will share joint challenges and discuss the specific knowledge needed for the accountants in central banks. We will be focusing on three aspects: (a) financial accountability and transparency, external financial reporting and financial statements; (b) accounting governance, financial planning, controlling and internal financial reporting; and (c) organization of accounting function. Some of the topics we will discuss include: 

  • Financial reporting standards in central banks, IFRS and accounting rules of the Eurosystem
  • Specific accounting issues, monetary gold, recapitalization, etc. 
  • Analysis of the balance sheets
  • Planning and controlling in central banks
  • Organization of IT system
  • Financial planning
  • Accounting organization and configuration

The focus of this workshop will evolve around issues and challenges observed among country practices. Aim of the event is to establish peer learning platform, where officials from the similar area of work can share their best practices and discuss solutions for certain issues together with colleagues from the region.  Participants will be encouraged to actively participate in the discussion and share experience of their institutions.

Target Audience

This workshop is open for all officials working in accounting and financial reporting, budgeting, controlling and internal finance departments in central banks, or any other related departments.


  • Lea Solčányi, Chief Methodologist of Financial Reporting, National Bank of Slovakia
  • Lenka Marko, Head of Section, Financial Management Department, National Bank of Slovakia
  • Francois Biquet, Head of Accounting, National Bank of Belgium
  • Benoit Clinckemaillie, Head of Procurement and Controlling, National Bank of Belgium
  • Bart van Heghe, Team Leader, Financial Planning and Control,National Bank of Belgium
  • Tamara Gavrić, Head of the Department for Financial Reporting and Analysis, Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Vesna Filipovska, Manager, Financial Accounting and Control Department, National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia
  • Faton Ahmetaj, Director, Financial Planning and Reporting Department, Central Bank of Kosovo

Practical information.

Location: The workshop will take place at the CEF premises in Ljubljana Slovenia.

Applications: need to be submitted by August 31, 2022, via the online application form

Language: The event will be delivered in English.

No participation fees will be charged.


This learning initiative was supported by:

Bank of Slovenia National Bank of Belgium National Bank of Slovakia
National Bank of Slovakia Technical Cooperation Programme Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina. National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia
Central Bank of Kosovo