On-Site Banking Supervision

Sep 20 – 22, 2022 CEF, Ljubljana and online No Fee
Sep 20, 2022

About this learning event

At this event, we will approach on-site supervision from organizational and practical supervisory viewpoints. The aim is to provide a workshop, where participants will be working on supervisory skills and will hear and discuss latest supervisory practices. The workshop is focusing on the job-specific knowledge and skills that supervisors need to acquire and use in their job. For this reason, the workshop will provide a mix of topical presentations complemented with practical exercises for supervisors to work on their skills.

We will approach this through the work with experts and incorporate some of our CEF learning methodology that is followed at our training of trainers activities, adapted to suit the nature of work of the supervisors. Participants will acquire techniques and skills for planning, organizing and conducting their on-site missions as well as presenting their findings. We will focus on the aspects of on-site inspections framework, planning and developing the scope of on-site inspections, and practical organization, while also including examples of in-depth investigations of various risks and on-site methodology. We will work on strengthening the planning and performance of on-site inspections through case studies and group work.

Some of the topics to be discussed at the event:

  • Supervisory techniques
  • ECB supervisory guidelines
  • SSM supervisory approach
  • Risk-based approach
  • National supervisory practices in the region 
  • Skills: presentation of findings and argumentation
  • Listening and interviewing skills for supervisors

At the workshop, we will try to accommodate to participants needs and will devote time to discuss challenges and other topics connected to the on-site banking supervision.

The workshop will be organized face-to-face. We might however offer some of the topical presentations for our online audience. However, the majority of the curriculum and especially practical exercises will only be done in the classroom. For those interested in the online part, you can apply until Monday, September 19.

The sessions that will be available online:

Tuesday, September 20:

09:00-09:30 Welcome

09:30-10:10 Supervisory framework and Single Supervisory Mechanism, ECB supervisory guidelines (Part I)

10:30-12:00 Supervisory framework and Single Supervisory Mechanism, ECB supervisory guidelines (Part II)

Wednesday, September 21:

09:10-10:40 Organization of supervisory inspections, supervisory teams

11:00-12:30 Supervision of contemporary risks (climate and environmental risks, digitalization)

Thursday, September 22: TBC


  • Arnaud Lauwers, Head of Mission on-site banking inspection, National Bank of Belgium

Within the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), Arnaud was nominated by the ECB to conduct banking inspections of significant € zone banks in Belgium, the Netherlands including the bank’s London branch and France. He was member of various ECB drafting teams like ICAAP or Governance and is currently an active member of the drafting team on Climate Risk.

Before joining the NBB, Arnaud gained a large banking experience in various positions (strategic reengineering, operational risk, audit, portfolio management, cyber protection, business development...) within the BNP Paribas group having operated at European level including Turkey.

Arnaud is also a lecturer of ''Operational Risk Management'' within the SSM and at the Belgian Banking Federation, of ''Audit, Governance and Risk Management'' at NCOI Training and co-animated a workshop on ''risk based on site banking inspections'' in recent years at the Central Banks of Macedonia and Montenegro. He co-lectured an In-Board Lab ''Managing strategic errors'' to the Insead alumni.

Arnaud is based in Brussels, travelling often across Europe for business missions, hiking in the world mountains and deserts and surfing the ocean waves by passion of sport & nature.

  • Roel Braes, Senior Advisor, National Bank of Belgium

After holding positions at a Big Four accounting firm, as external auditor, and at the technology transfer unit of one of Europe’s most innovative universities, as financial controller involved in spin-off creation, licensing/patenting and crisis management, Roel joined the on-site banking inspection service of the National Bank of Belgium (NBB). 
He gained a sound experience as an inspector, acting as Head of Mission in both Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) and local NBB inspections, at entities ranging from significant institutions in the eurozone to local investment firms, covering both prudential and AML/CFT-topics.

He is currently co-coordinating the NBB’s on-site banking inspection service. Roel represents the NBB in the On-site Inspections (OSI) Network and the Operations & Integration (OPI) Network organised by ECB’s DG OMI, and also participates in several (ad hoc) working groups at SSM- and NBB-level.

  • Pavla Kostribova, Head of the Processes & Integration Section in the Operations & Integration Division in the Directorate General On-site & Internal Model Inspections of the European Central Bank (ECB).

Pavla is an experience professional and before joining the ECB in 2015 she was Head Auditor at a well-known multinational investment bank focusing on financial and non-financial risk assessment. Pavla holds a Master in business administration, economics and finance from the VSFS (University of Finance and Administration) in Prague.

In her current role, she contributes to the work of the division, which is in charge of planning and execution of the SSM-wide on-site supervisory programme and facilitation of the integration of the DG work into the SSM supervisory cycle, and by contributing to the identification of the main risks for the banking sector and for the SSM relevant priorities. As Head of Section, Pavla supports the alignment of various initiatives towards integrated lean processes and supporting tools and contributes to the SSM training curriculum and dedicated workshops to ensure harmonised on-site approaches across the SSM.

Target audience

Officials of banking regulation and supervision departments of central banks and financial supervisory authorities; supervisors of non-bank financial institutions


This learning initiative was supported by:

Bank of Slovenia National Bank of Belgium European Central Bank (ECB)