Study Visit: Management of EU Funds (by Invitation)

Sep 6 – 7, 2022 Ljubljana, Slovenia No Fee

This event will be delivered for the officials from the Ministry of Finance of Serbia. It will be designed and delivered as an interactive and participatory study visit, aimed at the exchange of knowledge and experiences among the officials from the European Union (EU) member countries, who already have relevant professional experience in the area of management of EU funds, and the officials from the EU candidate country.

About this learning event

In the situation where macro-fiscal stability and fiscal risks are additionally highlighted due to the latest global economic developments, it is even more important that EU candidate countries timely ensure the capacities needed for accelerated absorption of all available EU funding opportunities. This event will be highly participatory and oriented towards learning from practical examples and solutions. It will offer a platform for interactive discussions among lecturers and participants. The exchange of experiences will be done on a technical level, enabling the participants to build their knowledge and skills necessary to implement reforms, stemming from the EU acquis in the area of national budget preparation process, prior to joining the EU.

By attending this event, the participants will have a possibility to meet and learn from their peers from the relevant institutions of Slovenia and Croatia, enabling them to better understand the technicalities of absorbing EU funds, including the requirements for the budgetary process. In particular, the participants will:

  • Understand the concept of the EU budget vis-à-vis national budget, and methodological aspects of financial flows between the EU budget and EU member / candidate countries
  • Acknowledge how the existing pre-accession financial processes among the EU and candidate countries, relate to their future roles as EU members
  • Analyse the context of management and control system for EU funds
  • Learn how to ensure the complementarity of national budget planning, execution and reporting, with the regulations, procedures and flows of the EU semester and management of EU funds
  • Get insights into the practical examples of managing implementation of the EU funded projects
  • Appraise the benefits of clear communication, cooperation and timely reporting among responsible institutions in the process of managing EU funds on national level
  • Assess what adjustments could be done already now in Serbia in order to be well prepared for the future roles as an EU member country



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