Needs for Quality Data Analysis in Domestic Revenue Mobilization

Nov 15 – 17, 2022 Ljubljana, Slovenia No Fee

About this learning event

With this learning initiative, participants will further raise their awareness of the mobilization of domestic public resources as a central mechanism to pursue sustainable development and as a critical step on the path out of aid dependence. Attention will be paid to the importance of quality data analysis and exchange of information in helping countries strengthen their tax systems and mobilize domestic revenue.

What will you learn

Participants will get familiar with international practices in the first part of the workshop. The following topics will be covered:

-  Framework for formulating tax revenue recommendations with data analysis

-  The role of quality data and data analysis in raising tax revenues and enhancing compliance

-  Financing social protection through tax reform in developing countries

-  The new macroeconomic landscape (Covid-19 pandemic, war in Ukraine, inflation, higher interest rates)

-  Features of fiscal systems in South East Europe

The second part of the event will be devoted to the Slovenian experience.  Slovenian experts from Tax Administration, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Labour, family, social affairs, and equal opportunities will share the latest insights of research and real cases. Enlightening the topic from different perspectives will enable participants to perceive the complexity of the topic. The following topics will be covered:

- Transition to evidence-based policymaking

- Data and analysis in the framework of structural reforms

- Making sense of the abundance of data

- Data; from the cutting-edge infrastructure to its use

Experience from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration will be shared. It will focus on International data Exchange (DACs). 

The workshop is envisaged as an active learning event, therefore there will be a lot of time devoted for discussion. 

Target audience

Public finance officials, interested in deepening their knowledge of tax and revenue issues in the context of financing for sustainable development.  Officers from Tax administrations, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Social affairs are encouraged to apply. 


  • Branimir Jovanović, Economist, The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies
  • Tilen Božič, State Secretary responsible for Tax and Customs Systems, Ministry of Finance, Slovenia
  • Gonzalo Caprirolo, Head of Analytical Unit, Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Slovenia
  • Peter Grum, Director General, Financial Administration, Slovenia
  • Marko Potočnik, Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Slovenia
  • Gioia de Melo, Tax Economist, the OECD
  • Yannic Rehm,Junior Tax Economist,  the OECD
  • Stefan Schmidt, Tax and Customs Administration, the Netherlands
  • Andja Komso, Technical Assistance Advisor, the IMF
  • Jim Sorensen, Regional Revenue Administration Advisor, the IMF


This learning initiative was supported by:

Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands Slovenia's Development Cooperation Ministry of Finance Slovenia