Oct 15, 2015

Group Simulation held at the CEF Workshop Helped me Prepare for Real Negotiations

We collect value-creation stories to better understand the impact of our activities on the work of individual participants, as well as their organizations. According to the Wenger-Trayner conceptual framework, a change in behavior traverses different cycles, providing an account of how learning initiatives have created value for participants, their organizations, and stakeholders. The following value creation story is provided by Sashka Jovanovska Vukelikj, who has attended CEF learning event on Budget Submissions of Line Ministries and was interviewed shortly afterwards.

"I attended the CEF learning event on Budget Submissions of Line Ministries, delivered in June this year in Ljubljana. It was very nice to meet other colleagues from the South East Europe region, with whom we practiced a group simulation of budget negotiations between representatives of the Ministry of Finance and a line ministry during the event. Afterwards I have attended such budget negotiations between different ministries in my country and the knowledge that I gained at the CEF event helped me prepare in advance for the real negotiations. I believe that the CEF events help participants share knowledge with other colleagues and put it into practice, as I had the opportunity to share with them my expectations before the negotiations."

Sashka Jovanovska Vukelikj
Head of Budget Control Unit
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy