Apr 15, 2020

Localization of the Training for Public Accountants in Montenegro

Sharing its experience in becoming a regional knowledge hub, the CEF supports constituent institutions in developing their organizational knowledge sharing capacity and strategic human resources development.

Sustainability of the Public Accountants Certification Training (PACT) is crucial for the successful implementation of public financial management (PFM) reforms, so the Ministry of Finance of Montenegro committed to develop systems and processes and ensure resources and infrastructure to fully run the program locally, on their own.

One of these resources was the Localization Working Group, composed of experts in accounting, representatives of the Montenegrin Ministry of Finance, the takeover institution (Human Resources Management Authority) and the CEF. The main goal of the localization process has been to enable the environment for full localization: adjusting local legislation, strengthening the relationship between the Ministry and the takeover institution, and preparing the takeover institution for independent work.

After analyzing the training needs, deciding among the options for localization, making legislative changes to support local recognition of the PACT certificate, drafting a manual for implementation, and establishing a group of trained tutors, the grounds for the delivery of localized training are ready.

The PACT training program, implemented in Montenegro between 2015 and 2020, was financially supported by Slovak, Slovenian and American governments and by in-kind support of the Ministry of finance of Montenegro and the CEF.