May 16, 2022

Addressing the Challenges of Public Sector Asset Management with a New Comprehensive Learning Program

The CEF has been continuously supporting public officials across South East Europe (SEE) in raising awareness, deepening knowledge and exchanging international experience on the topic of public sector asset management. To ensure further support, we developed a new learning and knowledge sharing program called “Efficient Public Sector Asset Management (EPSAM)”. The program will last three years (2022-24) and will tackle different aspects of public sector asset management.

The EPSAM program overall objective is to improve awareness and knowledge of public asset management as an integral part of public sector reforms (i.e. public sector financial management reform, public sector accounting reform and public sector debt management reform). The underlying ambition is to bring SEE countries closer to international standards and good practices, and help overcome reform obstacles.

We have designed the program for SEE public officials responsible for the development, execution or supervision of the state asset management (reform) activities in their countries, as well as officials involved in broader public sector financial management.
The program will be implemented in cooperation with international experts while also bringing in regional expertise and experience. “With the EPSAM learning and knowledge sharing program we aim to create a pool of experts and practitioners that would represent a foundation of a community of practice in the field of public sector asset management.” explain Jasmina Popović and Želimir Stanić, CEF staff involved in delivery of the EPSAM program. 

We invite you to learn more about the EPSAM program here.

The EPSAM program is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia through Slovenian Aid.