Sep 6, 2018

Annual CEF Advisory Board and Partners Meetings

The Annual CEF Advisory Board and Partners meetings took place at the CEF with the intention to identify synergies and overlaps in the activities of 20 participating institutions and discuss areas of potential cooperation. After the wider meeting of all 20 partners, the CEF Advisory Board members gathered to discuss our activities and provide feedback.

We hosted the annual meeting of 20 partner institutions with a shared region of interest – South East Europe (SEE). The aim was to identify overlaps and synergies in the activities that we hold in the SEE region, and to see possibilities to strengthen mutual cooperation. The meeting was followed by the Annual Meeting of the CEF Advisory Board, a consultative group of experts from 7 donor and partner institutions that assists us in designing and coordinating the delivery of our activities. Meetings were held at the CEF on September 3–4, 2018. 

We presented to the partners our learning program for 2019-21, its focus and direction. The intention was to identify complementarities in objectives, priorities and activities of the partners and the activities of the CEF in the region of SEE. The presentation was followed by group discussions with our partners by individual thematic areas of budget preparation and execution, accounting and auditing, tax policy and administration, central banking, data and analysis for designing policies and leadership for managing reforms.

To find out more about the meeting and its outcomes see its digital story.