May 7, 2018

Annual Meeting of the CEF Governing Board in Skopje, Macedonia

High level representatives from ministries of finance and central banks from six countries from South East Europe convened at the National Bank of Macedonia for the annual meeting of the Governing Board of the CEF. The meeting took place on May 9 and was hosted by Governor of the National Bank of Macedonia Dimitar Bogov, who was chairing the CEF Governing Board for the past year.

Governing Board is the decision making body of the CEF that steers the work of the CEF so that it can most effectively develop and deliver its mandate in the interest of CEF members. Members of the Board comprise ministers of finance and governors of central banks from the CEF members: Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania and Slovenia. Members of the Board are also three representatives of the Advisory Board.

At the meeting, the Board reviewed the CEF`s work in the past year and future governance and program topics. Mr. Dimitar Bogov, governor of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, handed over the rotating chairmanship of the CEF Governing Board to Mr. Vladimir Munteanu, First Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Moldova.