Jun 20, 2016

Bank of Slovenia Supports Our Central Banking Learning Program

We cooperate closely with the Bank of Slovenia in implementation of our central banking learning program. The Bank of Slovenia supported our 2016 Central Banking Program for finance officials of South East Europe. Their involvement in the program and sponsorship of the IMF Central Banking expert for secondment at the CEF has allowed us to step up our efforts in program design and delivery. Governing Board of the Bank of Slovenia on importance of training to support capacity development of staff:

«The Center of Excellence in Finance is an international organization with the key mission to support capacity development for finance officials in South East Europe through learning. We attribute great importance to this vital mission – sharing of knowledge and, in particular, of specialist financial knowledge. In 2016, the Bank of Slovenia will support implementation of learning activities in central banking. The latest developments in the world economy have additionally reshaped the position and role of central banks, affirming the importance of their functions, especially supervisory function. Central banks are and will stay key players in maintaining and ensuring financial stability and growth of national economies. They are facing many challenges as new rules and practices are being established in many fields of central banks’ operations. This is why sharing expert knowledge and skills is crucial.

The Bank of Slovenia as a partner to the Center of Excellence in Finance shares its goals and fully supports its efforts. We have been cooperating and conducting technical assistance in SEE on a bilateral basis. This is why we see an added value to follow up on our ongoing activities across the region through the CEF as a platform for sharing experience. We would like to thank to all who fulfill the CEF’s mission, for their efforts and for strengthening the institution, which is working in a field extremely important for all of us.»