Jun 12, 2019

CEF at Regional Governance Conference on Building Effective, Accountable, and Inclusive Institutions

We attended the first Regional Governance Conference for Europe and Central Asia in Ankara, Turkey on Building Effective, Accountable, and Inclusive Institutions. The conference brought together senior government officials, international development partners, private sector representatives, civil society organizations, and academia from over 40 countries to discuss how to further facilitate governance reforms in the region to improve the lives of citizens and build their trust in government. Robert Bauchmuller, CEF Chief Program Officer was one of the discussants at the panel on Managing Public Resources.

Around the world, countries are facing increasing pressure on resources, complex service delivery needs, demands for transparency and inclusion, and increased global fragility and migration flows. The ability of governments to respond to these challenges is stretched, while citizen expectations continue to rise, resulting in a dissatisfaction and a lack of trust. Governments in Europe and Central Asia must overcome these challenges as they work to make public institutions more effective, accountable, and inclusive.

To underscore the importance of good governance and the actions needed to improve it, the World Bank joined the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFiD), the European Commission, SIGMA – Support for Improvement in Governance and Management – a joint initiative of the OECD and the European Union, UN Women, and the Asian Development Bank, in organizing the regional Governance Conference. The conference provided an opportunity to strengthen partnerships, showcase global knowledge and innovation, and promote peer learning by sharing emerging good practices and results achieved in the ECA region.