Jul 27, 2017

CEF on the List of Official Development Assistance Eligible International Organizations

At its session on June 21-22, 2017, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Development Assistance Committee Working Party on Development Finance Statistics adopted the proposed changes to Annex 2: List of OECD Official Development Assistance (ODA) Eligible International Organizations.

Entries to the list are referred to by the donor countries when reporting their ODA. Donor countries’ contributions to the core budgets of the listed organizations may be reported to ODA. The approved changes take effect immediately for 2017 reporting on 2016 contributions. The Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs initiated the inclusion of the CEF in list of ODA eligible international organizations and successfully justified the application. The CEF’s entry to this list is another proof of the Center’s and Slovenian Foreign Ministry’s commitment to the capacity development of our constituency.