Sep 4, 2023

CEF Supports Collaboration to Boost Gender Equality Efforts

We recently hosted a study visit from North Macedonia, welcoming representatives from the State Audit Office (SAO) and the Secretariat for European Affairs, along with the North Macedonia branch of the UN Women office. They held meetings with experts from Slovenia and the CEF, to discuss possibilities for advancing greater gender equality.

The study visit was part of the Gender Equality Facility project, funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and implemented by UN Women.  

Our event aimed to improve various aspects of gender mainstreaming, policy-making, and data collection, all while reinforcing accountability and transparency in fulfilling gender equality commitments. It was great to witness the collaborative spirit as participants shared their insights for a more equitable world. 

As part of the program, the CEF shared its methodology on learning organizations, with the CEF Director Jana RepanÅ¡ek highlighting our expertise in assisting public sector institutions in becoming learning organizations. The team from the SAO, led by Auditor General, Mr. Maksim Acevski, also showcased how their institution operates as one. 

During their visit, SAO representatives visited the Court of Audit of Slovenia, leading to a fruitful exchange of best practices, with a specific focus on gender mainstreaming. This exchange underlined our shared understanding that fostering spaces for knowledge sharing and collaboration serves as a crucial foundation for advancing gender equality. 

The five-day study visit demonstrated the power of collective effort in advancing gender equality initiatives. We are pleased to have played a part in this important project and look forward to the positive impact it will have in the months and years to come.